rockhopper spotted again

8 03 2009

i recently found rockhopper and i am in fact talking to him in my other browser tab currently, but t hats irrelevant. Anyway, i would upload some pics, but wordpress is being stubborn at the moment so i am going to try again…. yay i got it, whatever, you see lol

spotted again, meanwhile everyone started making fart noises, but who cares

spotted again, meanwhile everyone started making fart noises, but who cares



7 03 2009

I have a petition that needs to be signed, hopefully everyone here feels the same way i do about what clubpenguin is turning in to. i commented on a whats new page on clubpenguin saying something about disney buying clubpenguin. I know this haooened a long time ago, but its only getting worse, honestly, i may start playing clubpenguin again if clubpenguin was the same as it use to be other than the games and things like that, i also think that rockhopper comes way to much. here is the comment i posted on the whats new:

hey, i have a 1,097 day old penguin, so i kind of have some experience, but i kind of honestly liked clubpenguin better when it wasn’t owned by disney, it was more entertaining and even though the interface looks newer, i like the old one better, i liked the smaller community, there was less lag, and rockhopper is here for way too long and too often, i remember when seeing rockhopper was like the rarest thing and people envied you for it, but now it’s common and people see him all the time. no. i dont like the fact that things are getting easier to find and people are just getting lazier on the game. I honestly think disney owning clubpenguin kind of destroyed all the fun in it, i like disney, but this is just getting worse and worse. I have much more to say but i will write it later. I KNOW THIS POST HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE TOPIC but please at least take consideration into this comment,


                                            Best regards,


NOTE: PLEASE READ THIS ENTIRE LETTER AND THINK ABOUT IT, i know im only one person, but i bet i can get a whole website to think the same.


Please take time to think about this, and comment leaving your penguin name if you feel the same way i do about this.

Hi everyone

7 03 2009

HEY Hey hey its llllgasdg. I have kinda been back surfin around the internet and decided to hop here for a while, it’s been so long sincei’ve done this, a year or more to be exact i think, i can hardly remember how to moderate and stuff! oh well, i have 259 comments to moderate right now but sadly for you guys, i dont really play clubpenguin anymore and i just found out today about white puffles (i don’t know if thats new or not) and i even just found out about the dojo belt rank thing and the dojo courtyard! so, anyway, stay tuned because every now and then you never know, i might post something, i might not. well, sorry everyone, but bye!

power outages

22 12 2007

sorry but i have had power outages so i couldnt post much>>>>>>


11 12 2007

sorry i havent posted but there isnt anything to post! Anyway, all we have seen is a former mod coop014 that was banned for cheating and lost his moderator position. here is a pic:


he was seen at mammoth at the dock, this was also where we saw chewy pup a few days before. he is also a mod

Wars between nonmembers and members!!!

5 12 2007

the nonmembers were going on strike this week in Husky and Snow Plow because of member only yellow puffles, but these were just the “HQ”s of this war. The war/strike was stretching across every server in clubpenguin. “I will have more info and pictures of this soon.



this weeks puzzle solved in 4 moves!!!!

2 12 2007

i solved this weeks shuffle puzzle in the  news in 4 moves!